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I am at my 30-something and I am still exploring life to the fullest. There are so many thoughts running in my mind which leads me this blogging thing. I guess this is the best addiction I ever had. Who would have thought, a not so good mathematician like me would try to write anything.

I did not think writing as hobby will give this much satisfaction. And reading a lot will inspire me to dream big and share a piece of me to the world.

As a child, cotton candies, balloons, Barbie dolls, kitchen ware toys, sipping santan nectar, sun bathing and enjoying big drops of the rain were the most wonderful things to experience. Then there came gadgets, peers, shopping and etc.

Life is different from the moments I was still learning how to walk. It is a lot different when I am leading every choice to make just to see the road to fulfillment. But in every second thought life is still the same… I am breathing!

SmIlE, HuGs, KiSsEs and LoVe!



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