1d622-lakemirrorMany times, I keep asking myself why I let these things happened. Why, I didn’t carefully choose the man I should be with after 9 years of choosing to be safe. Why and so many why’s.

It will take a year for me to get out from all the mess he left. But it is better than a longer span of denying he is not a better half. And keep on hoping that someone useless as a man will change.

Woman, you are no hero. No one will change for you unless they wanted to. How can you forget a simple lesson. Life is no fairy tale and there is no perfect love story. But, I wish I was just hurt and left out. Not like this, I am the only one facing all these problems where he should also deal with all these.  He is free while me needs to work triple times to cover everything.

I am really broke and shattered, but I promise will give a good fight and end all these with a smile.

To you, have a good life and never do it again with other woman. Remember, life is short, there is KARMA, and I have a JUST GOD.

Sorry, I just need to write…


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