Mount Talomo

img_09301Mount Talomo
Sicao, Tamayong, Davao City, Philippines

Mount Talomo also known as Mount Kolelan has an elevation of 2,674+masl. Climbing this mountain is already considered a major climb. This mountain is thought as the guardian of Mount Apo. Its trail is challenging but you’ll get a dose of a virgin rain forest. The mossy forest near its summit is superb and enchanting. One should prepare for the climb since it will require you to manage your water supply from day one to day two. And be ready for the coldness, it is really freezing. You can do trail run for a day or mountain trekking for two days. It will take almost 8 hours to ascend and 6 hours or more to descend. Good thing the new trail is already well maintained and you can already reach the summit before it gets dark, unlike before with the old trail.

Climb Permit Fee – 500 pesos
Guide Fee – 1000pesos/day
Porter Fee – 850pesos/day (15kilos)

Motorcycle Ride(From Calinan to Purok 6 Tamayong) – 85pesos to 150 pesos (one way)
Jeepney Ride(Davao City to Calinan) – 45 pesos to 65 pesos (one way)

*Please bring wine for the ritual

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