Lake Holon: Crater Lake of Mount Parker

It was last year when I first set foot in T’boli, South Cotabato. I was one of the participants of Taklad Tamig Kinse organized by Friends of Holon and Melibingoy (FHM). The two day itinerary we had includes the undisturbed trail to one of the highest peak of Mount Melibingoy (Mt. Parker) in Sitio T’bolok, T’boli, South Cotabato. It was a challenging trek and a memorable one. By then, I fell in love with the Lake and its people.


When, T’boli opened the Kule Trail to Lake Holon, there’s no longer a need to trek to Mt. Melibingoy just to see and experience the full view of its 304 hectare caldera. I am Glad, it left Mt. Melibingoy underrated and protected. That highest peak of Mount Parker is a home to insects endemic only to that place. And there you’ll see a long trail covered with pitcher plants of different sizes.

Today, Lake Holon is one of the most visited lake in Mindanao. In fact, we go there 3 to 4 times a month to bring guests who would like to see the caldera and experience mountain trekking.

To those who would like to experience the enchanted Lake Holon and mountain trekking, we are offering a barkada tour package to this Crown Jewel of the South for only P2200 (Davao Based). Just visit our Facebook page: IndedtedSoul – Trail Adventures.

But if you would like to do a DIY to this place, please take note of the following information and budget.


  • Book your visit to T’boli Tourism prior to your trip.
  • Van Transfer Rental is about 3500 per day + Food and Lodging of Drivers + Gasoline for Two days, and van are up to T’boli Tourism only, unless they will try their luck to the jump off in Salacafe.
  • Davao City to General Santos City – Bus: P275
  • General Santos City to Koronadal City – Bus: P100
  • Koronadal City to Tboli – Van: P70
  • Registration Fee (T’boli Tourism): P25
  • Guide Fee: P300 (via Salacafe), P600 (via Kule Trail)
  • Porter Fee: P20/Kilogram (one way only)
  • T’boli to Brgy Salacafe Jump-off – Habal-habal (one way): P100 (But take note, each motorcycle cost P350 – P450 and drivers usually ask for additional P50 for climbers with big luggage)
  • If going to Lake Holon via Kule Trail, Habal-habal is P175 per head or P450 per motorcycle plus P50 each for big luggage.
  • Environmental Fee: P10

*** Prices mentioned above in Lake Holon are up to October 31, 2016 only. Department of Tourism of T’boli will release new pricing in accordance to the City Ordinance.

Update as of October 17, 2016:

New pricing scheme in Lake Holon in accordance to T’boli’s City Ordinance and Department of Tourism starting November 1, 2016.

  • Entrance Fee – P100/head/day
  • Environment Fee – P50/head
  • Ground Rental at Camping Site – P100/Tent/Night
  • 1 Tour Guide Via Salacafe Trail – P300/group 10
  • 1 Tour Guide Via Kule Trail – P600/group 10
  • 1 Tour Guide Mt. Melibingoy – P600/group 10


  • ATV Adventure – P500/head
  • Water Sports Lake Tour – P450/head/day
  • Water Sports Kayaking – 150/head/hour
  • Porter Fee – P20/Kilo/One way
  • Horse Back Riding – P400/Head/One Way

For itinerary you can visit our Facebook Page: IndebtedSoul – Trail Adventures. Just be kind to like our page ^_^.


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