K2D: Kitanglad – Dulang2 Traverse (2 days)


Trail Difficulty: 8/10
Elevation Profile:
Kitanglad – 1359MASL (4th highest mountain in the Philippines)
Dulang-Dulang – 2950MASL (2nd highest mountain in the Philippines)

I felt sorry for myself in the entire trek since I was not able to capture moments that I used to. Ever since I started mountain climbing, I always torture my camera. But this time, I was too lazy to stop and take a photo. Mountain temperature was so cold, in one minute rest you’ll get chilled. And I need to catch up with the group ahead and with stay on trekking schedule.

We had an unusual itinerary to these 2nd and 4th highest mountain in the Philippines. The usual three to four day trek was squeezed into two day trek. One day spending in the traverse and out of Dulang-dulang. It was a fast pace of just enjoying the scenery for at least few minutes. That’s why I strongly suggest, if you wanted to enjoy these two mountains do a four days itinerary.

I was with the trail runners of Davao and Bukidnon. They are into conditioning trek and trail run. We were just left behind but finished the entire trek strong.

Contact us if you want us to arrange a traverse to these beautiful mountains. Like our Facebook Page and message us: IndebtedSoul – Trail Adventures.


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