Mount Parker and Lake Holon

Lake Holon Itinerary

Mount Melibingoy
(Popularly known as Mount Parker, 1756 masl)

This is a stratovolcano located in T’boli, South Cotabato. It is popularly known as Mount Parker. Standing at 1756 masl, its 304 hectares wide caldera is known as Lake Holon, the Jewel of the South.

Last year, I had the chance to climb the highest peak of this beautiful volcano. It was a whole day trek to the summit in what the locals called the hunter’s trail. The trail was not that established, the guide said it was almost a year since they brought the last climbers. The trail’s level of difficulty is 6 out of 9. It was quite a challenge to climb since we are the one finding the old trail in the sea of pitcher plants. That was my first time to see pitcher plants of different sizes and this plant is densely populated in that area. Also, I had the chance to see the red stick insect endemic to that place, it was a beautiful insect. At the peak, the temperature is not that cold as compared to other mountains I climbed. You will be amazed with the overlooking caldera of Lake Holon.

The highest peak of Mount Parker is located in Sitio T’bolok, an hour and half away from Tourism Office of T’boli. One should know that climbing the highest peak of this volcano will not lead you to the campsite of Lake Holon since they are of separate way.

The way to Lake Holon is through Sitio Salacafe or Sitio Kule. The much established trail is in Sitio Salacafe via Nabol. And if you wanted to experience the view deck, you have to trek via Kule trail.

I was enchanted by the mystery and serenity of this place. If you want to experience the trail and adventure to Lake Holon please visit our Facebook Page: IndebtedSoul – Trail Adventures.


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