Chic Thing, Life Chat

Looking for that Trail Sign

Literally tired… I have been listening to the same song for days now. I wish in my next try, I could see a trail sign of a safe green signal that says it is going to be it.
Though I keep on asking, what’s the use of letting them know who you are, yet it’s too unbelievable for them to see your intentions. I have been wondering why things are really hard. I believe in the goodness of everything, done my best to become a better person that I could be, but still it feels like a long journey before reaching its peak.
Maybe there is no way those dreams would come into reality. Tangled moments are two way a fantasy. I hope one day I could wake up in a better place where everything I have are the best things I wanted to have in my yesterday. Going on in my days though I need to a …Sign-off again.

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