Alone Time

People often wonder why I am always by myself, no, not always but most of the time. They look at me as if I have no time for fun or anything. And as if I always work hard. 

Little did they know, I am not the hardest worker in town, I just do my best so that I won’t regret of not giving my best shot in the end. I make fun, and I do not need to look for it in a company of so many. It is much more of appreciating little things around. I have genuine set of friends and whenever we get along surely it is a nonstop laughs. 

I have simple but quality moments every time. Hassle free and a close encounter with what I wanted to do. 

Don’t worry, I can get along with anybody, it’s just that my alone time is one of the happiest time of my life. And I prefer it most of the time.

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