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On the RoAd

I have billion of reasons why I rather stay on the road with all the inconveniences than stay at home with a wandering mind. You will never see how perfect things really are unless you appreciate every beauty that God created. Over and over again, I am blessed to have witnessed these beauties. I know there are a lot more to come as long as my eyes are ok and as long as I can still support this vice.
Photos are taken while we are on our way to Lupon Davao Oriental. I will always love the scenic road of Davao Oriental. It is one great part of the Mindanao archipelago of which I cannot let myself sleep in every trip to this place.
I will post all the version since all are relaxing to look, LOL. Forgive me!

Taken during my friend’s wedding šŸ™‚ the reason of my trip.
Fireworks during my friend’s wedding, šŸ™‚ romantic!


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