Life Chat

mess up, grow up!

Sometimes, it is good to escape and refuel yourself with enthusiasm over living…

Chapter 27 and things are still the same with the previous chapters, struggling! If one will deeply see to through why, one will surely get dizzy in no time. Too many unconquered beginnings for someday, too much next times, too many chances, yet all mess up. So, what’s left? Unlimited tries? 

Yeah, being human means you consciously know you will get drained. Fuelling up can sustain to more tries, but sometimes you just want to be empty before gearing up. And here comes the perfect people around you. Of course they are assuming. Blowing you with their success while sharing their fears, investigating how far you did get to the ladder of being on top before chapter 30. Not totally complaining, the point is no matter how you equipped oneself with much optimism and enthusiasm situations will not be always fair for you. One way or another, things just shuttered. One gets behind the race. And messing is unavoidable. But as human instinct through unwanted circumstances and inconveniences you keep on going, trying that unlimited tries. Because the truth is whether you choose one between going on and giving up you are the only one who will savor its end. Your choice, your worth!
Thus, take good chances while you still can. Sometimes it’s good to be a MESS! Through it you will know life more, grow with it. There is nothing to be ashamed, for we are guaranteed that no one is perfect. Each one is fighting its own battle and messing up is part of it. But please aim to be better each try! Be a blessing because it is our journey that made each finish worthwhile.

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