Passig Islet

What more can I say when most of them have gone in this place…
I have been a beach baby since I was a kid. One could never doubt that just by looking at my skin color. And ever since nothing can compare to the beach I have grown with. But as I discover new places to escape to, I thank God for giving me a chance to see more of His creations. For two weekends in a row, my mother, brynt and I are fond of escaping to beaches after a long time of just spending weekends at home. Most of my friends have gone in this place that is why I decided to go and see how Passig Islet looks like. The mangrove area is love. I am always fascinated to walk in the bridge, it is so relaxing. It is good to know that we still have few places with mangroves surviving, so one of the few we have right now. Though it’s not that wide mangrove area but it was beautiful enough. The calm water around the islet is so inviting; I can’t resist diving to it. If you do not like the heat of the sun, this place best sooths for overnight stay.

Passig Islet Passig Islet
Passig Islet Passig Islet
How to get here:
Ride a bus from Ecoland Terminal (Davao City Land Transport Terminal) to Sitio Bato Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur. The travel is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes including the unlimited stops since we just rode the deluxe one. Tell the driver to drop you just in front of the Sitio Bato Barangay Gym. Then you will see signage giving direction to Passig Islet, approximately 250 meters walk to the entrance wherein you will pass to the bridge in the mangrove area. At the end of the bridge small boats are waiting, these boats will take you to Passig Islet.

Passig Islet Passig Islet
Passig Islet Passig Islet
Bus Fare from Davao City Land Trasport Terminal to Sitio Bato Gym : 72 pesos (Airconditioned Bus is much higher)
Passig Islet Entrance fee: 15 pesos
Boat Fare (back and forth) : 20 pesos
Overnight stay: 4pm to 8 am with same entrance fee
Cottage Rental ranges from: 100 pesos – 200 pesos

Bringing of foods is allowed.
Cooking during the day is not allowed.
For Overnight Stay you have to bring your own emergency light, extra battery for your gadgets since there is no electricity in the islet.

2 CR for Men and Women
Shower Area
Dressing Room
Volleyball Ground
Volleyball for rent
Souvenir Area in the Entrance 🙂

One thing I think the management of this islet should look up to is to avoid the garbage from invading the islet as well as the beach. I hope more discipline people will visit this place leaving nothing but happy memories. I don’t think the 15 pesos entrance fee can suffice the maintenance especially when all the visitors are not responsible enough to care. Calm and bounty waters do not deserve those trashes…
For Inquiries:
Leah @ 09095517414
Mayet @ 09216822308

2 thoughts on “Passig Islet”

  1. hi master kJ!!! malayo pics ko for overnyt cottage…they only have cottages, my isang close cottage I think un ang para sa overnight, though you can also have d open cottages.

    hahaha unsa daw akong reply confusing sabta na lang master!!!


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