Lanang Aplaya Beach Resort Davao City

Way to escape from getting so sick with the environment at home is a little moment at the beach. And it did not fail me at all. My mother and Brynt initially planned to hop to Samal Island but it was a bit windy and they are not used to big waves. So we just settle to a nearby beach resort, Lanang Aplaya Beach Resort.

This resort is managed by Damosa Land Inc., no wonder why the entrance fee is a higher than the others. But you can get enough for what you pay for…they have separate shower area, dressing rooms and other amenities that one can enjoy with the 25pesos entrance fee.
Just look at the photo for the fees.

5 thoughts on “Lanang Aplaya Beach Resort Davao City”

  1. kindly give me ur contact # .. my college party kasi– we decided to held at beach, and we choosed ur resort.. ned ur contact # so we can ask some important info… tnx po


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