Life Chat

Please, Do not be ANNOYING!

Spend your day without annoying anybody. It is something I learned in living a good life. There are people who can’t help in bringing their bad mood in a place not appropriate for negative vibes and they are annoying. Of course, I’m having a bad day most of the time but it’s not bad enough to become an epidemic to a certain place. If you are not feeling well, like you are carrying the world on your shoulder, do not make it a reason for other people to feel the same way.  The world will not end if you will take time to set aside personal problems in handling things outside your problem.

Plato said this and I quote, “be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”

Always remember you are not the only one who is facing day to day challenge of life. Give some time in considering unselfish ways of dealing with a situation. You will find out that giving your smile and not dealing with your problems in a moment might not lead you to the solution but it will give you more strength and wisdom in how to deal with it in a less stressful way. You will be more effective in whatever work you are into and a better relationship with others.

So even in the hardest moment of your life don’t waste your time in being sad and affect others. Instead smile and be better in being kind!

Have a day full of smile everyone!:)


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