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SamVon is back in ABA2!

Well, after 48 years of not texting with each other because of career mode, my friend JB just shouted me in a text message. And I was like,
“Wait, I have to see the pic ur talking about…” and replied, “Sarap manakit sa kilig, pasigaw waaaaaaaah!”

This is it! SamVon will definitely give us a new set of “Kilig Moments”, facial expressions of love and admiration, smiles that touches every dreaming heart and another blessing that will surely make every Bubbles happy and in love.
And we were like,
“They look good on the pics and parang may kissing scene na kaya?…”
“Baka may ano din kasi mukhang…hahaha”
Anyways, we are so looking forward to this, Angelito: Ang Bagong Yugto, not just because of SamVon but also because every character in this show is not wasted. They are all worth watching for. And I must say, “Kudos to the writers, director, and to the staff behind this.”
 And Oh, the love triangle…“Pwede, but please team TeGoy sa huli with a K scene, LOL!”
Thanks to @jas_rocafort
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3 thoughts on “SamVon is back in ABA2!”

  1. Ang cute ng blog mo about bebe Devs and bebe Sam and the rest of Angelito casts and crew .. I totally agree with those words you've written there. Haha ! Abount the “K scene” .. Hmm. Oo nga naman.. Sana matuloy na. Hehe:))


  2. Naman. Agree ako dyan. Well, I just hope na mapakinggan na ang ating mga hinaing. They're so cute together that I can't help but wonder why hindi sila binibigyan ng mga tv guestings na magkasama. I'm still wishing na magka-prod sila sa asap singing their “Di ko Masabi sa Iyo”


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