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Proud to be USEPian

This just my share of how I reacted on the overwhelming news about my alma mater. University of Southeastern Philippines Davao Campus made it to the Top 300 Universities in Asia and making it next to the big 4 universities in the Philippines.

I have been to the laboratory school of this university and finished my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree.

I am overwhelmed and grateful that even how tough it is for a state university to give quality education to thousands of its students, University of Southeastern Philippines faculty, staff and students are doing their best to uplift the status of its education without minding the hindrances in finances and other factors.

I saw how my professors worked hard in building their educator’s career, taking master’s degree and doctorate degree. Most of the students in this university are coming from average families who just have enough capacity to survive in paying for college education and some relied on scholarships.

This is an achievement for USEP and this first time just give more hope for Davao’s colleges and universities to deliver an even better education and produce better graduates. And that we can compete and we can be better if we have the passion to do so.

Proud to be USEPian and more proud of the USEP professors, staff, students and the USEP graduates who never fails giving their own share for the “Bayanihan para sa bayan”. Keep it up!!!

Link to Yahoo News: Five PH universities make it to Asia’s top schools


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