Life Chat

Thinking Right over Hurtful Encounters

It is never easy to be kind at all times. Giving more than what you received. Smiling without expecting they will smile back. Appreciating how your loved ones remember another loved ones special day when they forgot yours. Telling yourself that anybody’s attention and appreciation do not matter for you, yet a little part in your mind is wishing you somehow get one.
And then you just whip all by yourself controlling every thought that make you ill. Why they are like that? I’m still human, I somehow need it sometimes! I need it to uplift a part of me, that I am doing right and it is good to keep it that way…
But then, it is a human nature to ignore, do how they want to react, give back when they wanted and forget when they don’t. Whenever that, “I’m not OK”, words are going to come out of your mouth, expressed in your eyes, shown in your actions…Stop it!
No matter how hurt you are with people’s reactions towards your kindness be it yesterday, today or tomorrow, you have to be still. Calm down and do not let your ill thoughts poison you. Keep on doing what is right even though you did not receive any kindness in return.

Be grateful that you are doing your best to give and do whatever that defines love. We will be forgotten and everything doesn’t matter when it’s our time to be there. And it is only HIM who will remember that you somehow wanted to walk in His way, that you are SPECIAL and He never neglect a single thing that you did. And it’s all that matters.

Keep smiling! Life is so good and beautiful! Always do and think nothing but kindness. Learn, share, laugh and be a blessing! 🙂

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