Life Chat

Just like any ordinary DaYs…

My 27th year of 27th day of May is almost over just like any ordinary days. Yet most great things are still to come, as what I wanted to claim. I wonder how most people feel on their natal day aside from being excited of the food on the table and special greetings coming from special ones… Well, as for me those years were gone and the usual birthday is not that usual these past few years.

But I am grateful with nothing but solitude on this day. It is going to be a rough ride ahead, but will learn to accept whatever that comes with a smile and positive attitude. I might cry again as my weakness but nothing can defeat my faith with the Almighty God who never fails to embrace me with LOVE. I cannot promise to be perfect, since no one is. I can only give kindness as what love is. 
How about you? How was your natal day?

Thanks much to my friends who never fail to remember even though I’m ULYANIN. Love you always!!!

Goodbye 26, I had a great year… and Hello 27 lezzdothis! Be a blessing :)!!!


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