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How to Like the Unlikeable?

I like this shoes even though it is made in You know…
In this world where seconds matters, we could come across a person whom we think we could never deal with. At glance and at acquaintance her presence will blow you into the lake of irritation and a fired up blood pressure.
Oftentimes, this person had done nothing at you but you just damn hate her. Well, before you wrinkled with so much hate, annoyance and bad vibrations, try to do the following.
First, have a self test. Ask yourself if you’re just a jealous jelly. As human, jealousy kills all little admiration you can offer to any person whom you knew for a time. This little jealousy whether on physical, emotional or spiritual aspect can ruin the possibilities of liking the one you thought is unlikeable.
Being jealous is never good. And it will not add something better to your well being. Thus, if you prove that you are jealous to this unlikeable. Splash it out by doing things that important person like you would do. Do not entertain jealousy. Appreciate! No matter how high the advantage of this person on any aspect, she surely have morning breaths, farts foul odor, and a million bacteria pets.
Second, have a conversation with this person in a manner of respect and understanding. Of course, this takes a lot of patience on your part. The reason you will do this, is for you to know if all the topics you will talk about, with her points of views, are all against yours or not. And since you are trying to be nice, surely, you can have at least one interest with her. Remember; even though we are uniquely made by our Creator we always have something in common aside from death.
Third, make that little thing you are interested talking with as strength for you to get up and learn something from her. Do not argue against her thoughts, you will hate her more. Just listen and understand. Look and never criticize in a bad way. Eventually, you will forget that she is annoying, irritating and unlikeable.
Liking the unlikeable does not mean you can be a friend to her, but you are just doing your best not to be eaten by bad thinking as well as bad feelings. This is one way of living a better you. Through appreciating others potential of whatever it is will make you more open minded, unselfish, and an important person. And good news, it is a very effective anti-aging too.
Be a blessing everyone!

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