Life Chat

When He Asked…

The time has come when the seven year old kid dropped his question that made all the prepared answers gone. Tears kept falling and nothing was said. “Where is my Papa?”

…”Where is my Papa?” The question that most single mother would deal whether they like it or not. And all hurtful thoughts that came with it seem so unbearable. How can you answer it with a painful truth? Looking at his teary eyes just broke this heart so damn hard.

The result of the past choices is now haunting the faithful one. But there is no other way of getting away from it aside from dealing with it in the right way wherein, as mother, you give nothing but unconditional love. Regrets and hate can never mend a broken heart. A choice of not bad mouthing any person involved is a must. The kid’s welfare is the most important. Explaining things in the most simple and kind way may not answer everything but it will somehow lessen the burden of a curious one.

“…Scars are just there but it does not mean it is not healed…”

Single parenting is never an easy road in this country. And it will never be that easy. But, in His time and His most gracious ways a mother who chose to walk in His righteous path will never run out of wisdom to sustain parenting.


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