Patria De Cebu

Patria de CebuPatria de Cebu offers affordable rooms for travelers who wanted to spend less on their hotel accommodation. Just call the numbers on the photo. Please call for reservations one day before your check-in since they are always fully booked.
Room Rates : Php 300Β  (good for 2 and Php50 for every additional person)Non-Air conditioned Room with Shared Rest Room (no lavatory)
Nearby Landmarks: Fronting CEBU Metropolitan Cathedral
Do not compare the place to a 3 star hotel since this place is intended for missionaries who stays in Cebu. They are just accepting bookings during off season.
Just comment if you have inquiries about the place. I am willing to give you stories… πŸ™‚
Update from my Anonymous Friend Below πŸ™‚
Here are the new rates for the Patria de Cebu starting from January 1, 2012:
Phone Number: 032 254-2411
Double Room (airconditioned/good for 2 persons/ private c.r.) – 650. 00
β€’ Extra person – 100. 00
Double Room (fan/good for 2 persons/twin sharing c.r.) – 300. 00
Single Room (fan/good for 1 person/private c.r.) – 250. 00
Single Room (fan/good for 1 person/common c.r.) – 200. 00
β€’ Extra person for non – aircon rooms – 50. 00

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