Fan Girl

Dreams Do Come True!!!

Kehrbears Davao Chapter GT with JAMES REID

I was caught with what Cyril has been feeling about this whole thing. “Ate, dreams do really come true when you keep on mentioning it…” he said while we were on our way to the venue.
It was November last year, when I first tried my best to be on one of James mall show. That was in SM City Davao. He just loves how people fall in line in exchange of a single photo with his smile. Lo was with him that time. He was playing his guitar with The Script’s song and danced that famous “teach me how to dougie”. He even nailed Bieber’s Mistletoe. Oh, Lo was extra kind to James fans and I just love her.
He came back with Bret a couple of weeks after SM City Davao Mall Show. They did school tour for WAW and performed in MTS. I saw how girls go gaga on him. Then, I met Armi and Cyril. I remember how happy James was when he saw the tarp we gave him. That tarp just informed him that Kehrbear Davao does exist.
Then, the Robinson Abreeza event which started all the planning of a get together. Sadly, I did not join my two new friends. But Cyril became the familiar one. James recognized him. Cyril worked hard for this event and it was worthwhile.
Indeed, it was a dream came true for Kehrbears to build a fan base for James Reid here in Davao. And today just marked our first ever get together. It was amazing, leaving me speechless and smiling. We do not have any idea how to start a get together but everything went well. Thanks to James Reid who was very nice and accommodating.
Well, the best thing about tonight was, I gained lots of new friends. I was once alone, then gained two (Armi & Cyril) and now got more than a dozen. Hopefully that will be thrice as what I have now. Not to mention the online H I get kakulitan with. Until next James Reid’s visit Kehrbears!


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