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New Year! Another Year to be Happy, Holy and Wise!!!

I enjoyed reading the book written by Anne Bryan Smollin entitled Live Laugh and be Blessed. And I cannot help quoting her chapter 16. Below you can read her 26 ways to be happy, holy and wise.
Of which I realized; I may not give a cure to the world’s illness at least I could prevent infecting virus that I could possibly spread. And since it is a new year, I will start renewing my classic philosophy.  Live life to the fullest and be better by starting from within, from oneself and make a difference. I may be too small for this world. I may be nobody, but every simple good deed I made will surely contribute in making earth a better place.
I hope you too will realize that having better person around will make things simple to live. Happy New Year!!!

Accept each new day as a gift. 
Believe in your goodness and the goodness of others.
Cheer for others and their successes.
Don’t ever give up.
Every moment is a gift for you – live it.
Forgive others and yourself.
Give thanks for all your blessings daily.
Have faith.
Invite others to share moments with you.
Join groups and be involved.
Keep in touch with those you love.
Laugh, laugh and laugh some more.
Make some mistakes daily – on purpose.
Never judge – give others the benefit of the doubt.
Offer to share your time and talents.
Praise the good works of others.
Quit worrying.
Relax, rest and live each day fully.
Say nice things to and about others.
Take time to play.
Understand that everything won’t be perfect.
Value what you have.
Wish for the stars.
X-plain things when necessary.
You are important don’t forget that.
Zap life into everything.


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