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Coping with Frustrations

According to the dictionary frustration is related to anger and much with disappointment. It arises from tough challenges encountered in fulfilling ones goal and desires. And there are no exemptions to feeling this kind of emotion. In one way or another every human being had felt and will feel this emotion all throughout his life.

As for a person who keeps on reaching his goal and giving all his best just to get there, frustration is one thing he should overcome. Especially when people around you already succeeded in getting what they really want in life and you were left behind. At times when you evaluate where you at in your quest and find out your still a million steps away. And the worst when you are feeling grateful and thought that your fine with what you have, yet, when you think twice it is not enough and emptiness still there. Frustration will lead you to other bad emotions like getting envy, ungrateful, unsatisfied, impatient, and a lot more. And worst of it all, it may stop you from renewing your dreams and pursuing your passion to live life to the fullest.

Upon reading a lot of articles on how to deal with frustrations, I could not help but think on how I can get away from being frustrated when I’m into it…

Well, life is always like this and like that. We have our own everyday issues to deal with. But we are always set to fulfill our purpose in this world. Things may be hard most of the time but it does not stay that hard for all times. It is how we deal with our thoughts in every situation that will keep us away or into this thing feeling of frustrations. It is how we think, appreciate and cater every little thing that comes in our way. We have to admit that no matter how thankful and grateful we are with every blessing that we received it can still turn into something not good when we start comparing ourselves with others.

It is normal to feel frustrated in a moment we think and feel we need to. But do not let it get into your system. Take a deep breath. Pause for a moment. Pray more and leave everything to God when you feel it is already heavy. Carry on in reaching your goals. Do not mind if you are still a million steps away from it. The important thing is you keep going and keep taking that step towards it. And always keep in mind that as long as you are still breathing there is always a chance of grabbing the things that you want. And never forget that what God have prepared for you will always prevail. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Trust in Him with all your heart and you will surely get to whatever is best for you in the right time and perfect place.

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