Life Chat

My Quest to Financial Freedom

Putting a business of my own has been my greatest dream. I always wanted to manage my own resources and offer good service to a buying public. But things are not easy.  Working as a research analyst gives me just enough salary to cope with my daily needs. Though it consumes 9 hours of my time daily, the work is easy and not that pressured. No matter how grateful I am for a having this kind of work, still I am thinking of finding ways to earn more.
There are people who earned twice or even thrice as much as I do in just a month. Definitely a change of career is not a good option for now or should I say I am too scared to experience again the days without having work if I will resign.
This quest to financial freedom really made me sick. There are people around me who unconsciously giving me pressure. I do not want to rush things but a part of me is saying I am wasting time. I keep on working yet it is not enough. I’ve read and do a lot of theories in achieving it and still I failed.
What else should I do?
When I think of my daily schedule, I must say I am preoccupied. And I realized, I do not have savings account and I only have lots of liabilities. Should I stay this way? I said NO, Never and I want a change.
I am still in the process…not yet successful but I keep on working on it. I hope I could write an update about it when I am almost there.

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