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Work, Eat and Laugh – Pig Out!

I always love to posts any event that includes my office mates. No matter how tired we were from work we still looked forward to end it with laughter. I remembered we had like this last year in Charisse’s House. It feels good to pig out with people whom you worked with during weekdays but were not able to talk that much. This was our way to get out from the usual random night. The best part was not how we empty the food but the moments we laughed out loud, a thing we rarely do during our working hours.
Pork Humba Ala Dayen cooked using charcoal :))
Our simple salo-salo. Of course with the unbeatable Garidos’s Pansit
Red Ribbon Chocolate Cake Courtesy of Master Grejell
Photo by Ana Mae πŸ™‚
The Yummy Mango Float with Gelatin ala Charisse
Cute Karen and Love with the busy Cook Alex πŸ™‚
Serious Slicing moment with Christine and Charisse’s Laser Eyes πŸ™‚
Strike a Pose with Pretty Girls Ana Mae and Love πŸ™‚

Kulitan Moments after the Heavy Dinner…Carbs Effect is really RrAWw!
Dangggg we were hungry πŸ™‚
Uwian time… Till next Pig Out πŸ™‚

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