Life Chat

World Teacher’s Day

I was once a teacher and I knew how it was of being one. Indeed, it is one of the noble profession I know. It takes a lot of passion to share wisdom and great determination to share principles that will build a better foundation of the incoming generations.

I salute every second a teacher spend to make his/her profession a useful one. For all the teachers, I adore you! Shout Out!

Memories that will forever stay in my Heart! Miss them!
My Advisory Class. They were the super KULIT students but each of them is a treasure I will forever cherish :))

Christmas Party πŸ™‚ Look at them…I miss them!!!
One of my baby gurl πŸ™‚ Kristine πŸ™‚
Adorable kids…I know grown up na kayo!!!

Baby Gurls DB and Leanne


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