Ilo-ilo City – We had Fun!

Part of our Iloilo- Boracay trip is staying a few hours in Iloilo City. Even though we were not able to visit the tourist spots of Iloilo we still had fun. We ate, walked and ate. And also slept. 🙂

Iloilo Airport…Confused! Looking for vehicle…

Grabeh ang pila sa SM CR…sunday kasi :))
Famous La Paz Batchoy at TEDs
Pasalubong Corner! Andami lang , BongBongs SM Iloilo
Biscocho Haus…Outside SM Iloilo. They also have a stall inside the mall :))
Ninfel Pasalubong Center…where I bought Dried Fish! SARAP!
Meet Wendy of Ninfel…SWEET and Super NIce 🙂
Jen and her Fried Ice Cream… Too bad I’m so full. She said it was YUMMY 🙂
Thumbs Up Laking tulong nito!!! Thank you SM!!!
We stayed in EROS Pension House…Did get a photo of the entire place since…Anyway, ito na lang 🙂
Ito pa oh…
Ito ang the best … tell me why? 🙂
Their BathRoom…MY GOSH…:(
Boarding Area of Iloilo Airport…Clean and Nice!
at the Iloilo Airport CR wahhh…walang magawa eh 🙂

Sad I was not able to visit this church, St. Barbara, so I just took a picture of the airport wall…Someday I’ll visit this church!
Thank you CEBU PACIFIC!!! ’till next trip 🙂

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