Boracay Island Philippines

Finally after six months of waiting I made a touchdown to Iloilo and Boracay Island. Booked a flight from Davao City to Iloilo City last February 2011 under 25peso Fare promo of Cebu Pacific. Got the cheapest deal so far for 250 pesos back and forth. 
Travel plan was to have a taste of the famous Boracay Island for 2 days from Iloilo. So basically I was not able to roam around Iloilo.

Almost 1 hour travel time from Davao City International Airport to Iloilo Airport.
Almost 5 hours land travel from Iloilo Airport to Caticlan.
10 – 15 minutes ferryboat ride from Caticlan Port to Boracay Island
10 – 15 minutes tricycle ride from Boracay Port to Station 2

Fare, Lodging and Food:

Fare and Admission Fees
Davao to Iloilo Airport (Back and Forth) : 250 pesos
Domestic Passenger Terminal Fee (Airport;Back and Forth) : 400 pesos
Iloilo Airport to Caticlan : 450 pesos (for a group of 10)
Environmental and Admission Fee (Municipality of Malay-Caticlan) : 75 pesos
Terminal Fee(for BORA) : 25 pesos
FerryBoat Fee (Back and Forth) : 50 pesos
Tricycle (20 pesos/pax) : 40 pesos
Caticlan to Iloilo : 350 pesos
Iloilo City to Airport (Taxi : 500 pesos) : 100 pesos (since I had company)

Other Option:
SM City Iloilo to Airport : 70 pesos
Tan’s Guest House/Ericko’s Guest House : 1000 pesos (per pax, 3 days, 2 Nights with free plated breakfast)
Eros Guest House : 995 pesos (Room for 4)
Food at Bora
Plated Meals at Known FastFood Chains starts from 75 pesos UP
Buffet starts from 250 pesos Up
The Arrival…
Walking…Walking…Walking Literally! We were not able to do the activities like Helmet Diving, Boating, Island Hopping, etc. since we were in a tight budget …LOL! so literally we just walked! 🙂
The Guest’s House. SAKTO LANG! Cable TV, Hot and Cold Shower, Wifi I guess, Own Cabinet and Refrigerator and Free Plated Breakfast…SAKTO Lang!

Bangsilog…1/3 cup rice…One of the silog plated meal at Tan’s Guest House…FREE!
CornSiLog…extra rice is 20 pesos…don’t know if still 1/3 cup 🙂
Since I don’t drink and night life was never a life for me. I enjoyed the day scenery of Bora more than its night moonlight breeze.

This is Boracay during Day and I love it…The shining shimmering white sand, blue sky, blue-green water from afar, fresh sea air and the sun’s hotness…It is worth visiting!
Food for Survival…
Andoks Pork Chop chuchu…forgot the name waaaaah!
Gelato..Famous Authentic Italian Ice-cream so YUMMY!
Shopping for PASALUBONG…D’Talipapa have the cheapest souvenir items. But the crew had the shopping in D’Mall…
Island Souvenir Shirts…350 pesos UP
everything at 150 pesos
Prices ranges from 20 pesos to 150 pesos
Love this…
Our Pasalubong!!!
Bcak to Caticlan Sunday Noon…Bye BORA till my next visit…Please Preserve BORACAY!!!

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