New Corella and Tagum City (Davao’s North)

Our last stop was at Tagum City. We ate at Gaisano Grand Mall and head to Tagum City Plaza wherein a sea of food stalls were up for night’s event.
Tagum Public market from the bus window πŸ™‚
Non-Air Metro Shuttle Bus 😦
Exhausted Ride, Too Crowded!

At Tagum City Terminal πŸ™‚
See, Crowded Bus is fine as long as there is food πŸ™‚
Tagum City Overland Terminal πŸ™‚
On our way to New Corella, the crew Xiao U and Khokong
@ Panas
Entrance @Panas
We’re Here!!!
Kokong’s Name was in that palm tree 😦

Feelin’ the water πŸ™‚
Poser as always πŸ™‚
Blue Pool is good to my eyes πŸ™‚
Emo! credits to the photographer πŸ™‚
Nice one πŸ™‚
I love stolen shots πŸ™‚
Stretching to the highest level πŸ™‚
“Hinay Maslide mo…”
Ligo nah!
Tickle me water πŸ™‚
Star Fish! kulang isa ka kamot πŸ™‚
Oist, 8 feet yan ha!
New Corella Poblacion Terminal

My Favorite! Rice Fields!
The usual scene along the road to New Corella
Pahulay Mode @ Tagum City Pavilion

Piging at Tagum City
The Concert sponsored by SanMig for Binuhat Festival πŸ™‚
The End

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