Life Chat

It’s YOU

People at there twenty something are really on this quest on finding the right change for them. Oftentimes they make other people accountable by it. Well, it’s sad to say the changes you want for yourself will never be brought by anyone else. It is YOU.

Change is constant, a too familiar line. Everything around you changes. Your friends change, your family members change, your officemates change. But the changes they made for themselves are not for your change. Your life is what you make it. And it is always how you face it. Just be courageous enough to face difficulties and losses. Learn to do impossible things. Do not waste your life on being dormant. Embrace change, improve yourself and be better each day you live.

The room for self-improvement is never too small for you to fit in it and explore. It is only you who can find the way in.

Having a work is a blessing from GOD and improving one self while having it is more than a blessing. Stop complaining about the pay and the workload. Think of the people who desperately want to be in your position. Live up your potential and be productive while enjoying work that others don’t have. Always remember efficiency and productivity comes to those who knows what is a blessing and not.

Your growth does not depend on your company or the kind of work you are in. It is only YOU who can put limits to your potentials.

Work more towards self-improvement!

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