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Morning Challenge of Being a Pescetarian (Monday)

I keep on bullying my brother for being so inspired and doing things he don’t usually do. Last night, I asked him to bring food for dinner, that is, 2 pcs. of pork barbeque, for mama and brynt since I don’t usually eat for dinner. He went home late, well, he is inspired that is why. Surprisingly he brought lechon manok. And since mama and brynt were asleep last night we have that lechon manok for breakfast. Thanks to my inspired brother now I’m going to face my first monday morning challenge…Sigh.

I am a pescetarian so I need to face the challenge of not eating that chicken meat. It is so tempting since I was born with it. Its yummy smell and delicious taste, OMG! Gross, I need to satisfy myself with my green tea, atsara and bread, not bad anyway. But it could have been better if I did not see that lechon manok.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂


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