Fan Girl

Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona #JuliElmo

It is not easy to become a fan, especially if you are just an ordinary one. No connection to Network’s management or anything that could provide you a VIP pass. But what keep us going or should I say what keeps me going…

Her! Julie Anne San Jose. I really admire Japs. Her talent just knocks me down and her humble heart always bring smile to everyone that likes her. I love seeing people over social networks so happy talking about her. And there support for her is overwhelming.

When Blazy Lano, who was a complete stranger, posted on Facebook that JAps was scheduled to perform for GMA Kapuso’s Araw ng Dabaw Celebration, I dropped my character and said, “I will watch her performed”. By then Blazy became a friend and we had an eyeball a few hours before Japs performance. Along with her is her friend Pao, who made the poster for JULIELMo. We thought that we are the only “adikz” who insanely want to see Japs and Moe. It was only 2:30 in the afternoon but there were already a crowd waiting for the show to start. And the worst of it we do not have VIP pass to get a good and comfortable spot. As I have said we were just ordinary fans.

We were desperate to irritate the GMA’s promo girls just to let us get inside. Luckily they were looking for players for the games they prepared. From then on we met the other group of pretty girls who were rooting for Elmo Magalona. I will never forget how I met these girls, I remembered Marjorie saying to the irritated promo girl, “Ate sila din papasukin mo ha…”. Wow, JuliElmo Magic, bringing together complete strangers addicts.

Ok, fast forward. We were able to get inside as players and we almost fainted. The waiting hours made us realized; our friends somewhere in the crowd or just passing by will see us on stage…it is so embarrassing, getting on stage, seeing your face in the big screen and seeing yourself over the local television when that event gets televised, especially when you lied or never told them you will be rooting for your favorite artist. Oh, how I wish they will edit it and erase traces of me.

After a long wait we’ve seen Japs and Moe performed. My demurred instant friends who were fine and proper transformed to something so exhausting. Shouts, bumping, excitement, overflowing love, laughs all mixed up and rocked the atrium. Good thing my camera handle was intact and my arms have fats…

I was not able to concentrate on their performances since I was busy getting video. But I saw JAPS and Moe performed and how they made their audience went GAGA on them. After everything had happened I realized I did not get a chance to have picture with Japs. I was not able to touch her even though she was so close to me. I just failed…

But that did not break my heart. She showed the bracelet I made for her to the public and said thank you. Thanks much Blazy!

That was enough. No, it was more than enough because I met new friends. I saw how people of Davao love Japs and JuliElmo. She sang live and they were like GOOSEBUMPS. Oh, Elmo was excellent too.
Sure it was not an easy experience but my first time will definitely not a last time. March 16, 2011 was an awesome experience for someone who thought that falling in line with a mob just to see the artists you admire is crazy. I tried something I did not do before and out of the usual environment I am with. I guess, that made me a certified Julienatics and a JULIELMO addict.

My faith in Japs talent and her humble heart to touch and inspire people keeps me going. I will forever be a proud fan…


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