Digos City’s Rizal PARK (Davao del Sur)

Surprised visit in Digos City, April 16, 2011. I was not able to visit Jonnah’s place because brynt and I spent time together in Rizal Park. I was our first time to ride Holiday Air-conditioned Bus back and forth. I must say it will definitely not our last. I just spent 70 pesos from Davao City to Digos City.
Oh well, enjoy the photos :))

Holiday Bus Front Row, so cozy and cold! 😀
Digos City Terminal
Digos City’s Terminal…clean and not crowded…
@Rizal Park: Wala pa masyadong tao 🙂
Fountain…wala lang…
I simply Love Flowers…:)
A kid in me…so love colorful LOBOS
White is purity…:))
Guard House na parang hindi, CR sa baba:))
Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y nakalimutan ko :(((
Summer is for kids…so as the park 🙂
Park Sweepers having fun while cleaning :))
Digos Halo2x at 5pesos…Yummmmmm
Trying to capture the kid who was helping his mother in selling…
Some people loves littering…amf!
Well, those kids were beggars, asking me 1 piso…how come they can afford the Trisikad Rental fee!
Love it!Moving…
My past…
I love this kid the way she love the bed…for sale yan ija!!!
Eto pa oh! sabi ng binibinta yan!!!
“JESUS loves Pinoy Pride” :))
Summer is here! Friendship!
Hahahaha, HUli ka manong!
I love LOBOS!!!
Digos City’s Rizal Park…People on the move! :))

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