Mati Davao Oriental Escapade – We Had FUN!

Finally, after 19 years I was able to get a closer look of Mati Davao Oriental. I had seen its terrain when I had a trip to Lambajon, Baganga, Davao Oriental but I did not get a single chance of taking pictures of its picturesque mountains and shores.

March 19, 2011 marked the best touchdown of my first stop in visiting the places of my homeland. It was the first time I took pictures of  the “sleeping dinosaur”. 

Now, along with friends we had an early trip to Jambay Beach Resort Mati for a one night and two days escapade. It took us almost four hours to Jambay Beach Resort where we stayed overnight. We visited nearby famous resorts such Botona Dahikan Beach Resort, known for its white sand and big waves for surfing lovers, and Masau Beach Resort which is known for over the water cottages and best sun set view. My friends and I just took pictures and got the best sight of those resorts. Our photos revealed it all.

Oh, well, since this is an overdue post I will not get into details about the cost and the like. Just drop comments.

By the way, we also had an island tour in Waniban Island. It is small island almost 30 minutes ride in a boat from Jambay Beach Resort. The island tour was awesome since we were able to take a closer look of nearby mountains and shorelines. And to top it all we literally walked around the island. No sweat, so chicken chicks since it was just a small island.

To end this blah, blah, blah thing, it was a jaw locking, gastric pains, muscle cramps, skin darkening experience. Just kidding the total experience of fun conversations (tirahanay…), loud laughs (tabi-tabi po punong balite…ssshhh) alone time with nature (yoga para sosyal pang mayaman…), sweet and sweat moments (nila ayieeeee!!!), better foods (thanks to Dayen for a good budgeting skill), excellent accommodation and the perfect creation of our Almighty God made that trip an A+.

Now meet the people I am with that weekend… Dayen, Totski, Jenden, Issa, Christine, Greg, Grejell, Michael and Alexis!


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