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Pig Out on Holiday

One day when my office mates and incidentally my so called friends decided to pig out the frustrations of working on a holiday. And try to celebrate the trio’s birthday… CHARICE + PRISCO JR. + JEN DEN… the following photos are rated PG.
— Yummy Salad —
— Choco Marble Cake —
— Homemade HUMBA with tomato sauce… SARAP is HUMBA —
— Bihon…opssss, looks family!!! —
Hahaha, kaya pala! November 16, 2010, about 1 PM (PHL). I was busy stealing that BIHON…Seryoso much, I forgot to face the camera. Weehhh!!! Panawagan sa aking mga magulang, don’t worry you raised me well. Di lang mapigilan!!! Teeehee…
— Peace Yo all!!! —
— Master kjshoot2ill said “ICE CREAM happy Kaarawan”–
Ok fine, naghiyak ko…Oh well, the rest is perfect except me na naghiyak. Diba yot!!!–
Birthday girl Charice with PAs Kezia and KennethPretty Dayen…weehh!!!
Ikaw na master!!!
Group Picz
The birthday Girl with her hair and dog…”I whip my hair back and forth”!!!
Yo, I said it was a PIG OUt day! Waffles from Waffle Time and Tang Juice!!!
#DearJunJun and #DearIssah kayo nah ang best poser!!! wah!
Yeah booi! The birthday boy Prisco Teves Jr…Artistahin!!!
See…This is for Jen Den…Gift ko to sayo. Yaman din lang na wala ka sa Pig Out! Happy Birthday wafs!
Oh well, I was looking for the photographer’s pic… at the left…ANA MAE!!!
Here she is! ANA Mae the picturer!!! LOL

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