Life Chat

I’m on a Suicide Budget

It has been a year now since I entered this job. The pay is quite good for the work they gave me. I am in my mid 20’s and struggling to find what I really want to be. It is so frustrating to see people at my age earning a lot more than I do and achieving a career that really fit their degree. More frustration comes when every pay day nothing’s left in pocket but a mere allowance just enough for the next pay day to come.

I always dream of having a savings account for my retirement and enough funds to buy something I want whenever I come to a store. At my age, my mind is pre-occupied with thoughts of how can handle my salary with ease. I am finding ways on how can I handle my finances without ending up in a suicide budget.

Suicide budget is having enough money for expenses and daily allowance. No more extra cash for leisure, clothes and a little gift of motivation for a hard working self. It is a kind of budget wherein nothings left on your pocket but enough allowance before the next payday comes. No emergency funds and no savings.

Sometimes, I think of finding a job that could pay me more. It’s just that I do not have the courage to start again. I have to admit that it is not easy to find a decent job in this country thinking of the numbers of unemployed and under employed people. And maybe I’m just lucky enough to have this job… that is why I also have just enough to survive my daily fight.

Oh well, as they say life is a roller coaster and so is with my suicide budget. Good thing I’m a reader and found my number one remedy for this, FREE MYSELF FROM DEBTS. And from there I could start dreaming again…LOL, I thought I was going to say I could buy expensive gadgets, fashionable shoes and clothes, house and lot, have my own franchise and a huge savings account!


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