Life Chat

– My Thoughts –

This is just a draft of how I see the world in a fair and unfair way.

God made us with two eyes and two ears for us to see and hear clearly. He wants us to feel one another as well as the other living creatures. There is only one earth, one world in which every action could make a difference. If we have enough room for kindness this world will be a better place. Kindness decrements selfishness!

I am a selfish brat. My whole life is centered to what are the things that could make me happy. I want to feel good all the time. I like bitches and love lies. I am a glutton. I boast about things that I should not. But who cares and the hell I care…

I said kindness decrements selfishness…I may have a dark side in me but the point is I am doing my best to be a better person that I can be. Because I know no matter how I try a selfish brat like me will not be perfect. No one is perfect. But I can be nice and better. I can share and spread love. I can be KIND!


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