Fan Girl

Just a Dream (Jeavon One Shot)

I’ve known here since I was 10-years old. She used to spend her summer in her grandmother’s house just next to our house. Got nothing but sweet memories about here. I always have a good conversation with her. Since we were still young that time we knew nothing but to play, throw silly jokes and innocent stare at each other. But since then I knew that she is specialize. I even told her once…

Saw here coming out of here grandmother’s house with an empty bottle of soda. “Devon, where are you going?”, I asked with a smile…as always. “Hey, gonna buy some soda..” she answered with a pout lips. “Hmm, Okey I’ll go with you.” I casually told her with my planned intention and that is to be with her. “Did you see our visitor? My cousin? Oh my pretty cousin? She is pretty huh!..” she opened a topic that made wonder and just answered. “Yeah, my cousins go gaga on her…But…”, I stop then continued. “You’re still the prettiest”…And she just look at me with disbelief and a cute smile.

My cousins are all boys and had a big crush on her. All three of them. I think she noticed it. Maybe that is why when the three of them go gaga on her pretty cousin, she felt uneasy.

The moment I met her I could not stop getting near her. I was looking forward to every summer she will spend in our town…I was literally looking at the window of my room just to see her in the window just next to our house. I even asked my yaya whom she befriended and regularly wrote her a letter to include my regards. Hoping that when she read it…she will smile and remember me. And somehow…dreaming that one day perhaps she will feel the same way.

Highschool have passed and still no signs of being with her again. Until here Tita’s wedding. She was one of the bridesmaid, I was one of the groomsmen. I thought that was my chance of getting close to her but I was wrong. She was being paired to one of the grooms relative. I felt jealous. During the wedding reception I ried to go with her and ate Buko salad in her grand mother’s house but still no just us moment…I want to throw her jokes but still nothing…

 Until I went college in move to her town where the universities are.


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